Remuneration support services

HRascent is your dedicated and experienced remuneration specialist

Trusted advisor

HRascent provides access to a range of specialist remuneration services so you do not have to commit valuable resources to an in-house remuneration department.

HRascent’s senior remuneration practitioners can deliver remuneration support on an ongoing basis, or for fixed periods.

Our service offers a versatile partnership arrangement which enables your business to tap into a dedicated remuneration specialist whenever you require support and advice. This arrangement can be established as an ongoing retainer arrangement, or continue on an ad hoc basis as required.

Our services give organisations the support and confidence they need when dealing with a variety of complex remuneration and governance matters.

If your business requires remuneration support but does not require a full-time specialist, then HRascent is the service for you. We are well suited to businesses that either have no existing remuneration support, or a small HR team. HRascent can step in and provide all the services of a dedicated senior remuneration expert without the need to employee a full-time specialist.

Benefits of this approach include:

Responsive support from a dedicated, qualified and experienced remuneration practitioner

Access to resourcing which can flex to meet your varying needs

Quality remuneration coaching and mentoring

Proficient operational support across a range of remuneration matters


How this service can support your business

Your dedicated remuneration consultant will provide support across a broad spectrum of functions to meet all your needs:

Preparation of content for Remuneration Committee and Board meetings
Preparation of remuneration reports and assistance with other governance matters
Job evaluation, maintenance of internal organisational frameworks
Annual salary review cycle
Market benchmarking
Remuneration policy advice and development