Remuneration strategy & design

HRascent will partner with you to develop your organisation’s remuneration strategy and policy.

HRascent will design remuneration frameworks and incentive plans for your organisation. We will also benchmark remuneration against the market, ensure remuneration is aligned with company performance, and help improve your approach to governance and disclosure.

Trusted advisor

Remuneration benchmarking can assist your organisation to gain a clearer understanding of its market position and the competitiveness of your remuneration and benefit design.

Our fully integrated approach to providing advice will ensure your remuneration framework is aligned with the broader needs of your organisation.

Remuneration strategy

Your organisation’s need remuneration strategy promotes a common understanding of what and how you reward employees, as well as providing a nexus to other people systems and policies.

A common dilemma facing many of our clients is ‘what is the best plan (or combination of plans) to add value to my organisation?

HRascent provides expert advice on the design of your organisation’s unique remuneration strategy, including:

  • reviewing and updating your current, or developing a new, remuneration strategy
  • ensuring there is a transparent and direct link between the remuneration strategy and your broader HR and business strategies and desired business outcomes
  • guiding the determination of the appropriate remuneration market position and peer group
  • establishing the appropriate mix of base salary, benefits and performance (variable) pay for your business
  • gaining an understanding how your remuneration strategy translates into your cost of labour
  • linkage to business performance.

Remuneration Design

Rewarding people is becoming increasingly challenging and complex as organisations strive to develop competitive remuneration offerings for their employees.

HRascent aims to develop flexible and uncomplicated reward programs that are in line with your Company’s culture and goals. We can help you gain insight into your labour budget by comparing your organisation’s remuneration against the market and discovering how your actual business outcomes align with the intent of your policies and processes.

HRascent can partner with you to:

Build reward strategies that support organisational objectives and align performance

Structure remuneration frameworks that are market focused and strategically aligned

Create employee and sales incentive programs that focus on productivity, behaviours, and employee engagement

Align reward frameworks which contribute to attraction, retention and engagement programs

Incentive Design

Incentive design is a complex area requiring a clear understanding of stakeholder perspectives, desired business outcomes, the current business environment, external market trends, and principles of ‘good practice’.

HRascent has broad experience, advising clients across several specific areas including:

  • design of new and effective Incentive Plans, taking them from strategy to policy to implementation
  • review and modification of existing Incentive Plans for all forms of performance pay including:
    • sales commission
    • short-term incentives
    • long-term incentives
    • various equity and cash arrangements.

HRascent will work with your business to ensure there is a strong connection between your incentive design and corporate strategy. We will work with you in identifying performance criteria that supports the achievement of your business goals.