AscentData reports & database


AscentData reports & database

Many organisations are challenged by their Board and Executive remuneration arrangements. This is because it is crucial to get the design right so the rewards align with company performance, the delivery of company strategy, and the improvement in shareholder value. AscentData offers a range of affordable report options from being able to build you own report for a single role using Role Benchmarker, standard Market Reports grouped by market capitalisation, through to tailored remuneration analysis specific to your company.

AscentData specialises in supplying insights into remuneration arrangements.

AscentData report are a new and affordable way to benchmark the pay of your top people. With AscentData, you have the ability to download a selection of report when you want them, or ask us to develop a bespoke report specific to your needs. Alternatively, you can subscribe to AscentData Direct to do your own analysis on-line and immediately download the information that you need.

Clear remuneration analysis which covers senior executives and Boards.

Remuneration policy information which provide insights into how other companies are designing their remuneration.

Comprehensive metrics with multiple tables and graphs so that you can see how your current arrangements compare with the companies included in your peer group.

Benchmark senior roles can be an arduous task. AscentData’s database for Board and Executive remuneration ensures information in AscentData reports is presented in a way that saves you valuable time and resources. AscentData provides real actionable insights into the complex and heavily scrutinised field of Board and Executive remuneration – with the backup of our experienced consulting services.


Role Benchmarker

Role benchmarker is an on-line tool that enables you to select your peer group using a range of filters and then generate and download a report for a single executive role direct from the AscentData database. What you pay depends on the number of records that you select for inclusion in the report.


AscentData Market Reports

Market Reports are available in a range of segments. For each market segment, reports include a series of tables and graphs describing the Board and Executive remuneration outcomes and the policies that drive these remuneration outcomes. These reports are available immediately for purchase and downloading via our website.


AscentData Premium Reports

You can segment the data to meet your specific needs. This enables you to identify a peer group that provides the appropriate comparators, against which you can benchmark roles. These bespoke benchmark reports provide a comparison between your current Board and Executive remuneration and a selected group of comparator companies

AscentData’s clear remuneration information and comprehensive analysis, complete with tables and graphs, enables you to evaluate how your current arrangements compare with companies in your comparator group.


AscentData Tailored Reports

No analysis is too big or small for AscentData – it can even access and analyse disclosed data and documents in other countries. Our experienced research team will conduct customised research that will deliver fast, affordable, and customised Board and Executive remuneration analysis. Whether you use an international peer group, or need a deep dive into long-term incentive design, tell us exactly what you require in your report, and we will design it for you


AscentData Direct

AscentData Direct is an online subscription solution that provides access to our comprehensive Board and Executive remuneration database. This allows you to confidently benchmark your entire senior leadership team and Board. Easy to use, AscentData Direct provides an extensive level of information and timely data while enabling clients to use online enquiry tools, or download data for further analysis.

Contact AscentData’s remuneration specialists on (03) 9654 3210, or by email at to discuss how AscentData can help your business. We will be pleased to identify a relevant peer group of listed companies against which your organisation can be compared.

Or visit AscentData online at for more information on each of the above options.