Organisational frameworks & analytics

Organisational Frameworks

Developing a clear, fit for purpose organisational framework, which supports the clarity of roles and responsibilities, is central to achieving a successful integrated people system.

HRascent will work closely with your business to understand the dynamics of your organisation. We will review and design an organisational framework that meets the needs of your business. This framework may include the design and development of Job Bands, Jobs Families, Generic Jobs, and the overarching policy structure.

A well constructed and effective Organisational Framework will:

  • simplify the comparison to market pay benchmarks
  • enable roles to be aligned with an organisation-wide remuneration framework
  • allow a better understanding of labour cost and enhance your ability to plan, analyse and allocate resources across your business
  • allow greater specificity around workforce numbers, composition and reporting
  • provide greater cohesion between people, business policies, and processes from recruitment and selection to performance management.

Remuneration benchmarking will assist your organisation to align its internal relativities, as well as gain a sharper understanding of market position and the competitiveness of remuneration packages.

HRascent can offer advice in relation to all benchmarking and remuneration challenges including:

Design and implementation of a company-wide Banding Framework

Measurement of work value to enable accurate market comparisons and competitiveness

Analysis of internal relativity to ensure your pay is fair and equitable

Gender pay analysis

In addition to the HRascent methodology for organisational frameworks, role benchmarking may be complemented by a comprehensive picture of Job Value within your organisation. This assists with identifying internal relativities and the appropriate remuneration for each role.

HRascent is experienced in using job evaluation methodologies to enable quantitative analysis of an organisation’s roles. We use the combined resources of our partners AscentData and insightpay, and where appropriate, identify other data sources to suit your organisation’s needs.

Workforce Analytics

Labour cost is often one of the largest expense items for organisations.

Cost savings and efficiencies can be identified when organisations better understand their remuneration and workforce structure, and the associated impact on labour cost structure, future expenses and workforce trends.

Leveraging our Organisational and Remuneration Framework tools, HRascent will work with your business to develop tailored workforce analysis processes.This will leave you with greater insight into your workforce management and the implications for your business and labour cost structures into the future.